Making money through Matched Betting

Online betting is something that a lot of people do but many get worried about losing their money. This is not surprising as betting is risky and even if you know what you are doing you may not get a very big return from it. However, there are some ways that you can bet and make sure that you do profit from it.

Matched betting refers to deposit matching. This is where you register with an online betting company and they match the deposit that you pay. This means that you may decide to pay in £20 and they will also put £20 into your account. This will come with the terms that you will have to bet all of the money before can make a withdrawal. This is to stop you paying in and taking the bonus and withdrawing it.


Once you have your money, then you need to bet. What you want to do is to work hard in trying to win back the money that you have deposited. As you have extra money as well, then you have a bigger chance of doing this. The best thing to do is to bet on a match or game that has only two possible outcomes and bet on both. Then you will be guaranteed a win. When you win, you not only get back the winnings according to the odds that the bookmakers have drawn up but you also get the amount that you bet back. This means that you will get back what you have bet plus winnings on top. Occasionally the odds are set up so that if you win, you actually get back less than you bet, so it is worth checking for this.

If you find a cashback website and sign up to that first, then you will get cashback on the money you deposited as well and this could mean that you make a lot of money from the site. Of course, you can only do this once, but it can be a good way to get some extra cash, particularly if you get lucky.

You will also need to be careful in that some online betting companies have the same parent company. This means that you can only get a bonus from one of them. Check this before you make a deposit as you could end up losing money otherwise.

It is worth remembering there is always a risk when betting so be very aware of what you are doing. Also make sure that if you think you may start betting too much, getting carried away or spending more money than you can afford, then it is best to avoid starting in the first place.